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Wellness Exams & Vaccinations

Our comprehensive pet physical wellness examination & vaccination program

Wellness Exams & Vaccinations

Pets are an important part of our family circles and they benefit from regular check-ups just as us humans do at every stage of our life cycle. Annual wellness exams and vaccinations allow us to enhance the quality of life for your pets through prevention and management of common diseases and ill health such as diabetes, parasites, cancer, heartworm, infection, dental disease, rabies, distemper, kennel cough, arthritis, allergies, weight management, digestive concerns and more.

Pet wellness exams can include diagnostic testing such as bloodwork, urinalysis, x-ray, or ultrasound as well as attention to nails, ears, anal glands, coat, and teeth. All of our pet patients at Tudor Glen Veterinary Hospital get spoiled with tasty treats (including hypo allergenic or metabolic) and love by all our staff.

All of our clients are also appreciated with our coffee and snack bar. Although our Google reviews speak for themselves, we welcome you to visit us and test out our clinic for yourself and your pet(s).

Cat owners will appreciate our Wild Cat Wednesdays when they can take advantage of our ‘cat only’ red- carpet entrance and exam area. This waiting area offers booth benches for cats that prefer to be higher up and calming Feliway scented towels to help ease cat anxiety. Schedule your Wednesday catwalk today!

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Tudor Glen Veterinary Hospital centers on giving every pet and their owner the chance for a happy, healthy life together. We achieve this through a dedicated blend of expert medical care, heartfelt compassion, and a commitment to the unique needs of each family we serve.

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