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Senior Pet Health Care

Serving Your Older Pets with Tender Loving Care

Senior Wellness

The senior years are the most amazing part of your pet's life, and this is often when we need to pay the most attention to their health. Age 7 is considered the "golden age" when many of our pets enter their senior lifestage.

Preventative care has become an important part in improving a pet's quality of life. As pets age, many devastating diseases can occur. Kidney disease, cancer, heart disease, endocrine disorders, dental disease and pain from arthritis are more prevalent after age 7.

Early detection is the key to slowing the progression of the disease, and improving the longevity of your pet. Annual health examinations allow detection of any issues, and through the use of diagnostics (bloodwork, urinalysis, x-rays, ultrasound), hidden problems may come to light. Change in your pet's behaviour, eating habits, and sleeping patterns may signal that something is just not right. Difficulty moving, and chewing in the areas of joints may indicate that your pet is painful.

Age is not considered a disease, and if you are noticing slight changes in your pet, it is recommended you seek veterinary care to assure that all things are still ok. Your senior pet has been through many life situations with you, providing unconditional love during life's stressful moments. It is now our turn to repay that love by becoming aware of conditions that may alter your pet's wellbeing.

Sadly our pet's cannot talk and ultimately hide many of their ailments, making it difficult to know how they are actually feeling. However by comparing how these diseases would potential make us feel, it can help shed light on why our pet may be acting differently. In many cases, annual health exams and screening bloodwork come back non diagnostic, indicating no current concerns.

This is a time to celebrate, we know that every day with your pet is important, and here at Tudor Glen Veterinary Hospital, we hope to join your team to provide the best life possible for your special "forever fur baby".

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Our mission at Tudor Glen Veterinary Hospital centers on giving every pet and their owner the chance for a happy, healthy life together. We achieve this through a dedicated blend of expert medical care, heartfelt compassion, and a commitment to the unique needs of each family we serve.

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