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Medical Services

The right veterinary care to provide medical services to your pets

Medical Services

Benefit from receiving timely diagnostics with our in-house digital x-rays, dental x-rays, blood work and urinalysis laboratory, ultrasound, and microscopic evaluation when your pet becomes sick or for routine wellness screening.

At Tudor Glen Veterinary Hospital, we want to make sure that your pet is as happy and healthy for as long as possible! We are eager to help you in any way we can, when your pet becomes sick. A pet can be unwell in many different ways. This can include vomiting, diarrhea, not eating as much, trouble with their vision, skin issues, or any number of other possibilities. If you ever have a concern about your pet, please call and speak with us. We can set up an appointment with one of our veterinarians.

What does a sick pet appointment involve?

When you get to the clinic, we will bring you into an examination room. One of our highly trained veterinary technologists or assistants will speak with you first. They will get an updated weight of your pet, obtain a general history about what you have been noticing, and find out what your exact concerns are. At that time, they will relay this information to the veterinarian, who will then come speak with you. The veterinarian will perform a full physical examination.

Based on the main complaint and the physical examination findings, the veterinarian will talk about diagnostics which are recommended and options with regards to treatments.


We have several diagnostic tools at our disposal to help better assess the health of your pet:

  1. Bloodwork and urinalysis We have a full in-house laboratory for complete bloodwork assessment and urinalysis. For any test that we cannot run in house, we will send a blood sample to a specialty laboratory.
  2. Microscopy We have the ability to perform microscopic evaluation on a range of samples, including blood, urine, and various other cells from the body.
  3. Radiology Our in-house digital x-ray machine allows us to obtain fast and detailed images of your pet.
  4. Ultrasound We are able to provide ultrasound evaluation of your pet, scheduled with Dr. Vicki Janes who has done multiple advanced continuing education with the ultrasound. Specialty referral is also available.
  5. For any testing that we are unable to perform in clinic, we can provide further options. This may mean sending samples out to another laboratory, or referring your pet to a specialty practice.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Tudor Glen Veterinary Hospital centers on giving every pet and their owner the chance for a happy, healthy life together. We achieve this through a dedicated blend of expert medical care, heartfelt compassion, and a commitment to the unique needs of each family we serve.

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