The Benefits of PST

PST or Pulsed Signal Therapy is a new medical treatment now being offered at Tudor Glen Veterinary Hospital to effectively treat osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, degenerative joint disease, rheumatoid disease, back pain and sports-type injuries in small animals. Pulsed Signal Therapy significantly relieves the severity of joint pain, tenderness and swelling and improves mobility, allows restful sleep and restores the activities of daily living without drugs or surgery. The results have been shown to be long-term.

PST consists of pulsed signals that mimic the normal healthy physiological signals, transmitted into the joint to promote the repair of damaged cells and to stimulate the repair and maintenance processes. PST focuses on the cause of the symptoms: the breakdown of cartilage and joint tissue. Pain and swelling can occur when the cartilage wears due to degenerative joint disease, overuse or injury. Pulsed Signal Therapy reproduces the bio-physically correct restoration signal and directs it into the joint, stimulating the existing cartilage and other damaged structures to repair themselves and therefore function more efficiently, thus accelerating the convalescent period and restoring the joint's function.

Pets receive nine, half-hour treatment sessions that take place on consecutive days. The joint or body area is positioned within the PST device that emits the bio-physiological pulsed signal. The Pulsed Signal Therapy is administered with the goal to reach short and long-term reduction of pain and an increase in functionality while improving the pet's quality of life.

The overall cost of PST is comparable to that of long-term NSAIDS like Rimadyl(R) or analgesic drug use and is a non-invasive, totally painless therapeutic modality without any known or reported side effects.

If you would like more information on this treatment, please call the clinic at 780-458-6051.


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