Wipe Your Paws Coin-Operated Pet Wash

1002 Tudor Glen Place, Phone: 780-458-6051

Located next door to the Tudor Glen Veterinary Hospital is WIPE YOUR PAWS, a coin-operated pet wash. This works in a similar way to a car wash. Drop your loonies or toonies into the coin slot and turn the dial to wash, condition or rinse.

The pet shampoo and pet conditioner is automatically added to the warm water so no need to bring these with you. There is even an option to cool air dry your dog as well! Should you need to borrow a towel, these can be obtained from the Tudor Glen Veterinary Hospital reception next door.

Hours of operation are 7am - 11pm daily.

For further information please call the staff at Tudor Glen Veterinary Hospital at 780-458-6051.

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