Health Hazards

We frequently get asked what plants and foods are toxic to pets.  Below is a quick reference guide to the more common house and garden plants and foods that are toxic to most animals (but by no means all of them).  If you have these plants or foods, you need not dispose of them, just keep them away from your pets (and your children).

*  indicates that a substance is especially dangerous and can be fatal:

Alcohol (all beverages, ethanol, ethanol, isopropyl)
Almonds *
Amaryllis Bulb *
Anthurium *
Antifreeze *
Apricots *
Autumn Crocus * (Colchicum Autumnale)
Avocado leaves, seeds, stem, skin (these are fatal to birds) *
Azalea (entire rhododendron family)
Begonias *
Bird of Paradise
Bleeding Heart *
Bracken Fern
Buttercup (Ranunculus)
Caladium *
Calla Lily *
Castor Beans (can be fatal if chewed) *
Chinese sacred or heavenly bamboo *
Chocolate *
Choke Cherry, unripe berries *
Chrysanthemum (a natural source of pyrethrins)
Crocus Bulb
Croton (Codiaeum sp.)
Cyclamen Bulb
Delphinium, larkspur, monkshood *
Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia) *
Elderberry, unripe berries *
English Ivy (all hedera species of ivy)
Figs (Ficus)
Four-o�clocks (Mirabilis, Jalap, Clavillia)
Foxglove (Digitalis) *
Garlic *
Grapes *
Hyacinth Bulbs
Hydrangea *
Holly Berries
Iris Corms
Jack-in-the-pulpit *
Jimson Weed *
Kalanchoe *
Lantana *
Lilies (bulbs of most species)
Lily-of-the-Valley *
Lupine species
Marijuana or hemp *
Milkweed *
Mistletoe Berries *
Morning Glory *
Mountain Laurel
Marcissus, daffodil
Oak *
Oleander *
Onions *
Peaches *
Pencil Cactus / plant *
Philodendron (all species) *
Potato (leaves and stem)
Rhubarb leaves *
Rosary Peas (can be fatal if chewed) *
Scheffelera (Umbrella plant) *
Shamrock (Oxalis sp.) *
Spurge (Euphorbia spc)
Tomatoes (leaves and stem)
Yew *


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